the beauty of serious work

»The Beauty of Serious Work« captures product testing by the German Association for technical inspections. This association, the so-called TÜV is responsible for certifying the safety, performance, and quality of consumer goods and technical equipment.

Before going into mass production, prototypes of most consumer products will undergo a wide range of certification tests to ensure the required standards, which may vary, depending on the type of product and the country where the product is to be distributed. An aspect, that increasingly has to be taken into consideration in nowadays' globalized mass production processes.

The TÜV ensures, that both the producer adheres to these standards and that the consumer receives a product of satisfactory and reliable quality, with the TÜV acting as a sort of "Intermediary". German in origin, the TÜV today operates worldwide and can be considered an important German export service.

The deliberately obscure and fragmented depiction of the test procedures in the photos is to generate questions rather than explain the specific tests. The irritation caused, shall unconsciously raise the viewers' curiosity to technical aspects and make them aware of the need and expectation for high product standards in our society.